An unexpected competitive advantage

Victor Frankl quote As we fly through the year, and the pace just continues to speed up, it’s probably useful to pause and consider an unexpected source of  competitive advantage  – mindfulness.  No longer the domain of hippies and alternate lifestyle gurus, the cognitive benefits of mindfulness –  awareness of perceptions and potential biases, and the capacity to see situations and systems clearly – are now recognized within  global business such Google, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock as vital skills with  Harvard describing mindfulness as  a leadership “must have”.

A recent large scale study noted that mindfulness within organisations can support resilience because it:

  • equips individuals with self-awareness that helps them to understand resilience and actively participate in its development
  • enables people to recognise the signs of stress and respond more effectively
  • develops discernment between activities that nurture or deplete internal resources
  • recognises the power of thoughts and finds ways of skilfully working with them
  • supports a culture where relationships are valued.

Given the above, it would seem that in today’s stressful,  always on,  competitive environment, everyone could benefit from  taking a moment, slowing down and being mindful.

Interested? Give it a try with  Five Steps to Mindfulness or use one of the great apps such as Headspace or Buddhify.  Or get on board with  a great  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme run in our home town of Durban .

Not entirely convinced? Research says that mindfulness also increases creativity within organisations  and helps with problem solving. You’ve got nothing to lose except your anxiety.

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