What is the Thinking Environment?

The Thinking Environment is a process that generates the best independent thinking.  

The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. And the quality of our thinking depends on the way in which we treat each other while we are thinking.

After years of research and observation Nancy Kline, founder of the Thinking Environment, together with her associates at Time to Think Inc, recognised that people generate their best thinking if the people around them behave in ten specific ways.

When these Ten Components  of a Thinking Environment®  are present  people  think for themselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace.

While each of the components has individual value it is the system of all Ten Components working simultaneously that creates the magic of its transformative impact. The Ten Components of a Thinking Environment are: Attention, Equality, Ease, Appreciation, Encouragement, Feelings, Information, Diversity, Incisive Questions and Place.

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