We love small businesses!

They’re the backbone of the economy, are responsible for driving innovation and competition in many sectors and  are run by brave, passionate people who face many of the same challenges as big businesses, but with fewer resources and support.

In February we’re showing that  love by offering 50% off  coaching for Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner who,

                  • Spends too much time  dealing with the small stuff
                  • Struggles with getting employees to take responsibility
                  • Could do with less conflict in the workplace
                  • Wants to be more strategic in order to gain better results
                  • Would like to manage stress better and  enjoy work more

This is an opportunity to experience the power of coaching as the first step to a better business and more satisfying life.

If you sign up before the end of February you’ll get three months of Face to Face Online Coaching  for the  reduced cost of  R6 400.00 (South Africa)/ Euro 450 (UK & Europe)

Interested ….. let us know and we’ll  mail you all the details plus a link to book the  free introductory session.

 And you’ll get no spam! Ever! Because we hate that too.

What will I get?

      • One 30 minute introductory session to discuss your needs and expectations
      • 6  one hour coaching sessions via Skype, Facetime or an app of your choice (to be completed within 3 months)
      • Worksheets to complete for each phase of the coaching programme
      • Links to material and resources relevant to our coaching conversations

Who’ll be my coach?

Iole, Elizabeth or Graham ….. you choose

Why 3 months?

3 months – or 90 days – is the optimal period for planning, and very few of us can efficiently plan further ahead than this. It’s long enough to see some results but not so long that we procrastinate or lose focus on the goal. Setting clear measurable goals within this time frame harnesses the  energy, effort and focus that allows you to execute the things that matter. And achieving results creates further momentum.

Does Coaching actually work?

Yes! And as with so many things there’s a caveat that you get out of it what you put in. Some feedback from others might give you an idea of what you can expect out of coaching. Have a look below at what others have said.

“The skills developed through coaching have equipped me to find some of these answers, develop techniques to improve collaboration within my team, empower my team and also hold them accountable for mutually agreed upon values. The sessions with Iole has contributed immensely to my own confidence and as a leader of my small team and my role within the organisation as whole”

“Personally Iole has helped me understand different personalities and how best to work with them through a series of reading materials and dialogues. I was stuck in a Hamster wheel and believed that I was doing the best for my team and they were just not appreciating all that I do….. Having a coaching session that is tailor made is highly successful, but most importantly having a coach that is versatile and able to find that balance with you is of paramount importance. In this regard Iole was phenomenal.”